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EASE pro ™ Joint: Knee Massager (CJ)

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EASE pro ™ Joint: Knee Massager (CJ)

EASE pro ™ Joint: Knee Massager (CJ)

$129.99 USD

Say goodbye to knee pain: Discover the power of

Seal Ease Pro™!

  • Restore your mobility and enjoy an active, pain-free life with this versatile and innovative knee massager.

  • Benefit from deep infrared heat that penetrates deep to soothe joint pain and improve flexibility.

  • Feel instant relief by targeting painful areas and soothing them with JointEasePro's advanced technology.

  • Easily control all features with the intuitive touchscreen, providing simple and convenient use.
  • Technical characteristics:

  • Continuous use for more than 90min
  • USB charger
  • Adjustable size for all body types
  • Dimensions: 14.7cm/5.8in X 12.5cm/4.9in
  • Worldwide Delivery



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