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$44.90 USD

🪟 VitraNet: Sparkling Windows in the blink of an eye

Make window cleaning effortless and efficient with VitraNet, the magnetic cleaning tool that turns the chore into simplicity. Perfect for those who yearn for impeccable clarity and unblemished views of their home or office.

🌟 Information:

  • 💫 Fast, Streak-Free Cleaning : Advanced magnetic technology for fast, even cleaning without leaving marks.
  • 💧 Automatic Water Drainage : Ingenious system for smooth water drainage and rapid drying.
  • 🧲 Double Action : Clean both sides of the window simultaneously thanks to magnetic power.
  • 🏡 Versatile Use : Ideal for all glass in your home, from windows to glass doors and mirrors.
  • 🤲 Easy to Handle : Ergonomic design for comfortable grip and total control.

  • 🔄 Durable and Reusable : Designed to last, VitraNet is your long-term partner for impeccable cleaning.

With VitraNet, transform the vision of your interior or exterior into a spectacle of transparency and luminosity, without the slightest effort. 🌈🏠

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